You Know Everything You Need

It’s time to look within.

It’s been time for a long time but if you’re reading this and you’re ready… It’s time.

I see people in everyday life struggling.

Trying to figure out why tragedy and illness are happening in their lives.

I went through a stage like this, believing I was the victim of circumstances and asking for help from all directions to change the way my world seemed to be attacking me.

And sometimes when life isn’t doing what it’s told, I feel the possibility of me sliding back into victim hood where I look for answers outside of me.

I heed other’s opinions over my own inner knowing. I look for answers in what others may be able to do for me, rather than looking within.

What I have learned during these times… because other people’s answers are never to my satisfaction, is that the only answers I require comes from within me.

And the only answers you require come from within you. Click To Tweet

When you’re searching outside of yourself anxiety is bound to occur because nothing will truly resonate with you unless it comes from within.

I was asked today what courses I would recommend to be able to do what I do.

I said that (for this particular person) that I don’t recommend any. She has all the qualifications she requires. It is now up to her to find the answers from within.

So how do we find the answers?

Well… we ask questions!

If I’m stuck and don’t know what questions to ask, I ask…

“What questions can I ask to bring more clarity to this situation?”

And I let it go….

I’m not asking questions to anyone or anything specific and I’m not looking for answers from anyone or anything.

If you need something to quieten your mind, you could say you’re asking the Universe or your other than conscious mind. That’s up to you.

So think about something that’s going on in your life.

Something that may be frustrating you or if you don’t know what to do about something specific and ask…

  • What information will give me more clarity with ….?
  • If I choose … will my life, energy, joy, money flows be enhanced?
  • What am I doing to me that is reflected in this other person?
  • What if this situation turns out better than I could even imagine?

Open your mind and allow the questions to flow…

“What is the next step for me in this situation?”

And then take a breath.

Let the questions go.

The answers will come to you… in a minute, an hour, a day, a month, a year…

They will come when you are able to hear them.

What if you already knew the answers? (Which of course, you already do).

What would you say to yourself?

Imagine it’s a friend of yours asking the questions, what would you say?

All the answers are within you.

It seems that next month in the Divine Love Club, the intention is going to be to come from within. To know what we know and beyond and to feel safe our own knowing.

If you’re interested in being in that space, click here to find out more.

What we are really want to know is that life is going to be all right…

And guess what?

No matter what you are going through in this moment, you are going to be all right.

You are all right!

Loving you… Loving life…

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Rosemary Davey

Rosemary Davey lives with her husband Scott and her fur babies in Western Australia. She has a background in Mind Body Medicine and Holistic Counselling and uses tools and techniques in her programs to enhance the relationships in your life.

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