Why I Love Macca’s

Really? I’m writing an article about why I love Macca’s?

(That’s McDonald’s for everyone who has never been to Australia).

Yes it’s true… I am grateful for McDonald’s 

The McDonalds golden arches can create a mix of emotions…

  • happiness
  • anger
  • comfort
  • joy
  • rage
  • fury
  • ambivalence
  • and more…

So, Scott and I were in the car and the ad for McHappy Day came on the radio…

We started discussing how McDonalds is a very successful marketing company, creating and aligning itself with the Ronald McDonald House Charities and how they are donating large amounts of money to help children and their families while in hospital.

A very generous act one would think…

And a very clever marketing scheme as the McDonalds business makes money from this day. This is not a totally alturistic act where the business does not receive financial benefits.

And then we started talking about the food that Maccas sells and how that contributes to the health issues some of the recipients of the Ronald McDonald House Charities have and their responsibility for that…

And the conversation continued as we looked at the judgement we and others have towards Maccas and the food they sell.

As we know, when we judge something to be right or wrong, energetically that issue gets stuck! So it does nothing to help change for that situation.

I then spent the next couple of minutes clearing my personal judgements around Maccas and all involved.

It really felt good not to blame McDonalds for other people’s choices and it felt even better to let go judging others choices by eating McDonalds food.

I still don’t want to eat it, yet I don’t want to be sick to my stomach if I do eat it… if I had no other choice. I mean what if there was nothing else left on earth to eat? 😉

There is so much judgement in the world around food and money and big corporations controlling it all…

What if we could let go of the judgement that stops them and us in place? Click To Tweet

What if we created a space for us all to generate something new?

I love that idea!

So… I was really excited about posting this and I wrote a little teaser on my facebook page about how I love Maccas, and as people started to agree with me, so much emotion came up… I was really surprised.

After all I thought I had cleared around it… lol.

These were some of my thoughts…

  • Oh my god! I don’t want people to actually think that I eat that stuff!
  • I don’t like McDonalds food!
  • I need to let them know that I don’t really love Maccas!
  • Yuk how could people eat that stuff!
  • Some of those people feed it to their children!
  • What’s wrong with people who eat this poison?
  • And it went on and on…

As you would know by now…

If something unsettling comes up in my thoughts, my emotions, my universe…

I take the time to breathe and clear the energy around them.

And this can happen all at once or it can happen a bit at a time. There’s no right or wrong to the process.

My question to you is…

What are you judging as right or wrong that you are holding stuck?

What if you could let that judgement go and allow the space to open up for something new?

Leave a comment below and we’ll clear our judgements together.

What if we could have a judgement free world? Oh the possibilities!!!

If you need a little extra assistance in letting go of judgement, book in a consultation with me today.

Loving you… Loving life…

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