Why Do Bad Things Happen To Us

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen?

Why we judge that only bad things should happen to certain types of people?

Isn’t it interesting how we judge our experiences as positive and negative?

I had a friend once that couldn’t go through a conversation without a rollercoaster of “Oh, that’s terrible! How are you possibly going to cope?” to “Wow, that’s fantastic!”

With every sentence she judged it as a good experience or a bad one without wondering if that was actually true for me or even true at all.

We are brought up to strive for positives and move away from negatives, yet these positives and negatives are actually different sides of the same coin and that coin is an experience.

What if we could let go of the judgements of these experiences and allow them to be what they truly are? Simply an experience.

Think back to a bad experience you had 5 years ago. Can you remember something? Most of us can’t and that’s because that experience lead you on to another experience, which lead you on to something else which then brought you to this point right here, right now.

5 years ago when you had your bad experience, did you know that it would lead you onto something greater? Something that may turn out to be life changing? Probably not consciously.

It may have been an amazing growth period depending on how you respond to your experiences.

If you can remember something horrible that happened to you 5 years ago and it is still affecting how you live your life, then it may be time to take the sting out of it and let it go…

Take a deep breath… and let it go.

Truth, is it really serving you in your life now?

Look around and see how this one incident has a hold over you… and breathe.

What if when you had that experience 5 years ago, you felt your emotions, you took a lot of deep breaths and you chose to have an experience? Not a good one, not a bad one, simply an experience.

How would your life be different now?

When you can look at experiences as something that just is, rather than giving it a positive or negative label, it will free up your energy to have more fun in your life… really it will!

It takes a HUGE amount of energy to hold on to judgements! Click To Tweet

And that is energy that you can use to enjoy your life. Who would have thunk it?

And if we take the polarity of positive and negative a step further, did you know that when you are striving for a positive experience generally you are in resistance of a negative one? And of course we all know the old chestnut “What you resists persists and grows stronger?”

So here we all are striving for our goals and yet we keep on struggling and not showing any progress. Why is that?

Because we are resisting what we don’t want in our life… the negative!

Our goal is to make $X this year. Why? Because we don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck or we don’t want to be broke.

So we have a resistance to being broke… what then keeps showing up in our life? Money issues!

Another goal is to be healthier, but we are still sick all the time… Why?

Because the real reason behind the goal is that we only want to be healthy because we don’t want to be sick.

Resistance, resistance and more resistance pushing against you and growing stronger!

So how do we get around this?

We go back to the premise that experiences are not positive or negative, they are simply experiences.

Enjoy them because you never know where they may lead.

If you need some assistance getting to the point where you don’t have attachment to an experience, please book a consultation and we’ll work through it together.

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