The Power Of The Snake Vine Flower Essence

Have you ever felt undermined by your friends and loved ones?

If you had a little bit of encouragement from your friends or loved ones you could reach the stars? A little bit of support for you to acknowledge your dreams and your goals?

Yet when you tell someone, they may be supportive on the surface but underneath you can feel that they think what you’re doing is really stupid. I’ve had this many times in my life. Hey, I studied Flower Essence Therapy for heaven’s sake! Who believes in that garbage? It’s a complete waste of time.

And yet I now have a successful practice facilitating others to resolve any issues that stop them from having the life of their dreams. I’m the one that many people have come to after they have been to doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists as a last ditch effort to learn that they are not broken, resolve their issue (emotional or physical) and to go on to live enjoyable lives.

People don’t support one another until they can see that it is beneficial for their lives and the lives of others. In the meantime, know that you have your own support, determination and vision and of course the support of your higher self, your guides, and angels.

When you are propelled along by your inner knowing, even if it doesn’t make sense, it is a relief to have a flower that has a healing essence to encourage you.

Breathe into that knowing… it feels good.

The Snake Vine (Hibbertia scandensis all about resolving the inner conflict that we feel when others are undermining our dreams. It allows us to have the optimism and confidence to know that what we are doing is making a difference and allows us to carry on when others have abused our trust.

Healing Pathway of the Soul

Optimism and confidence energise us and brighten our mind. These positive feelings about ourselves only last, and can stand up to the test of negativity from others, when they are based on deep beliefs of the inner Self. Anything that comes from more superficial parts of us is easily assailable and often crumbles under pressure. The invincible optimism and confidence comes from knowing the Self so well and directing our activities from the noblest states of mind which we can wholeheartedly embrace.

By Vasu and Kadambii Barnao – Australian Flower Essences for the 21st Century

The above passage allows us to use this essence to live our best life. To connect in with who we are and to shine without being chopped down by others. It is time to let go of the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” and know that we have the ability to be open to the possibilities to contribute to ourselves and others.

It doesn’t matter if we change our minds. It doesn’t matter if we don’t even know what it is. All that matters is knowing that it is there and every step we take in our lives enables us to live a life of our highest expression.

If you are struggling to find or live on purpose imagine this flower is helping you every step of the way, stay present with where you are at the moment and pretend that what you are doing in every moment of every day is your life’s purpose.

You are on track.

Snake Vine is this month’s flower essence theme for the Divine Love Club. We have been using it in daily activations and will be the theme of the Coaching Call on the 25th of October 2016.

If you are interested in joining the group, click here and jump in. If you are reading this post after October 2016 come and join us anyway as you will have access to all past content in the Divine Love Club member’s area.

Loving you… Loving life…

3 Ways To Attract Your Life Partner

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Ms or Mr Right showed up out of the blue?

Well, it is possible, and usually happens when you stop looking. Yet how do you get to the point where you stop looking? How do you get to that feeling where you have completely given up and let go?

Sometimes it can be trickier than you expect it to be and with these 3 ways, you can let go of the search for your partner and still have the feeling that you are “doing” something for them to show up in your life.



3 ways to attract love into your life are:

  1. Universe, show me love
  2. Pull energy
  3. Allow the Divine to support you

After about 3 months (on and off) using these 3 steps, Scott magically appeared in my life.

If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, come and join the Free Divine Love Activations which happen every Wednesday where the energy for love is incorporated ===> Click here.

And of course, if you need any extra help, you can always connect with me and we can work through any blockages you may have together.

Loving you… Loving life…

How To Take Inspired Action

I’ve heard tell, that to be a success in this life you need to take action.

Most of the people I have heard this from are selling a product or service.

Take action now or you will miss out, you’ll regret it or you’ll never find this product again! What a load of rubbish!

You can take action as much in your life as you wish. You can be a doing rather than a being if you truly desire. You can run yourself into the ground with busyness and end up broke, sick and unhappy – and that may not be a bad thing for you. It may even be your journey.

However, a lot of the time when you live your life like you feel you’re going to miss out if you take action, it will take you off your path and away from your life’s desire, which is a shame.

So, how do you get things done?

You take inspired action.

The funny thing with inspiration is that it doesn’t always feel like you’re going in the “right” direction or it’s even very inspiring.

Sometimes it’s a niggle to do something… anything… and you may not know what that “thing” is. You may feel the desire to get outside, get away from the computer, yet you’re not quite sure where to go! This morning I felt the need to write a blog post, yet I didn’t know what I was going to write about, I simply had an inkling to write. And so I am writing…

There is a lot going on with our lives that we aren’t aware of. We have a path, to guide us and strength that if we listen to the whispers we will be able to follow. Yet if we decide what we are going to do without checking in to the other side of us, we could find after years of taking action, that we really didn’t want to go where we were heading.

There needs to be trust, surrender and communication with our guides and our higher self which then helps you to connect with those whispers of inspiration.

You can communicate with your higher self in many ways. This is what I say…

“I would like to complete (fill in the blank) today and also complete (fill in the blank) this week. Would you like to do this with me? I will leave how or when we do it up to you and for the highest expression of my life.”

And then go about my day. You can ask to go somewhere, do something or complete something and the time frame is up to you. You can set a specific date or simply say, week, month or year.

One of the most important parts of that conversation is the invitation for my higher self to do it with me. It’s always nice to be asked, rather than told that you’re going to do something, isn’t it?

I even tend to ramble a bit, unless there is something really important that I would like to have done and then I will write it down. I leave the details up to my higher self because it’s a lot easier.

If you do this process, you may find that you don’t get everything done. You may even find that you do things that you didn’t think you were going to do. You may find that in the coming weeks, months or years that you had the order wrong and you needed to get B done before A.

So, what is it that you would like to get done?

Would you like a loving relationship?

Would you like a more fulfilling job?

Would you like to complete your tax return?

Would you like to clean your house?

Or something else?

It’s time for you to have a chat to your higher self and tell it your intentions for your life and if it will assist to express your life fully, then you will start to be pulled in ways that you may never have thought.

Please don’t get stressed out when it doesn’t happen in the order that you think it should. You really don’t have a clue about what is best for you in this regard. (And I mean that in the nicest possible way… we really don’t).

For example, at the beginning of the week, I needed to complete the first page of the HappyInConsiousness website, record a 3 Divine Love Club recordings and 5 subliminal audios for DLC members and I thought that this would be the order it “should be done”.

I have completed the 3 DLC recordings. They were done quickly and easily and I had been putting them off for 2 months! Last night, I dreamed what the HIC site copy would be… so that will be easy to complete today. Yet if I had done it when I had planned (before the DLC recordings) it would have been a struggle.

In passing, I noticed that I needed to write some more content for my website and thought I may do it on Friday when my mum and I spend the day working together, yet because my higher-self knows that I was going to get an insight into the copy for Happy In Consciousness, I had an urge to write the post in between dropping Scott off at the train station and going to Mum’s.

And so it is done.

I have no idea when I will be doing the subliminal audios and the deadline is next week. Although I do know that I will be doing it at the perfect time for them and me and the members of the Divine Love Club. I’m leaving it up to the part of me that knows and I don’t need to stress about it at all.

If you’re someone who needs to have all their ducks in a row and work to deadlines, simply ask your higher self to complete the work with you. You’ll find that you’ll get the work done more easily and quickly. However, if you have the flexibility to try this process out, you may find that you’ll start opening to other opportunities that you may not have even considered!

Let me know how you go and if you are struggling to find your life’s desire, contact me and we can work it out together.

Loving you… Loving life…

3 Steps To Healing Relationships

The hurt, the anger, the pain of a damaged relationship can affect every aspect of your life.

Are you ready to let it go and move on? This doesn’t mean that you condone their behaviour, it simply means that you can let go of all the emotions that are damaging your life.

By healing your side of the relationship you are able to bring more joy, happiness and love into your life. You’ll be able to develop more loving relationships and complete the cycle that is caused by a lack of forgiveness.

Listen as I explain in more depth the 3 steps that will allow you to forgive and heal relationships.



The 3 steps are:

  1. Flower meditation
  2. Everywhere I’ve been there, everywhere I’ve done that
  3. Allow the Divine to support you

These simple yet very effective tips will allow you to be free of the pain you can carry around from your past and present relationships, so you can enjoy your life even more.

If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, come and join the Free Divine Love Activations which happen every Wednesday where the energy for love is incorporated ===> Click here.

Loving you… Loving life…

Saying Yes To You

Did you know that when you say yes to you, you say yes to everyone?

I know that may seem selfish yet when it is a yes to enhancing your life and your being, it is contagious and others will be able to say yes to their true desires.

Wouldn’t that be amazing, everyone enjoying their true desires?

Desires that enhance your life, that make your eyes shine and your heart sing. I’m not talking about egoistic wants… now that would be selfish.

Scott and I were just talking about this…

I bought a warranty for a vacuum cleaner that I thought was too expensive, yet when I checked in with my knowing it felt like a true yes to buy. The warranty was at a discount and it gave us some holiday rewards. We decided to use the holiday rewards for a weekend away that logically wasn’t at the right time due to work and other commitments, yet once again it was a yes.

While we were away, it rained and rained. The restaurant at the hotel we were staying at was closed for 1 of the 3 days and we weren’t able to do what we had planned because of the weather. However, there was an open fire…

When Scott was younger he loved watching the fire… absolutely fascinated… and when we were on our weekend away that love was rekindled.

We now have an open fire in our backyard that is giving us a lot of joy and I have a happy husband.

Sorry if that was a bit long winded but if I hadn’t trusted my knowing about buying that particular vacuum cleaner, who knows what would have happened to our relationship?

I’m joking a little because I know that there would have been other opportunities, yet why pass up on saying yes to you? What is stopping you from saying yes all the time?

When you say yes to you, you also get a chance to say no without feeling guilty.

I remember a few years ago, a friend of mine was coming over to visit and she rang at the last minute to say that she wasn’t coming. I was a little annoyed because I had rearranged my day to fit her in and her excuse was that she simply didn’t want to come over today.

I am so glad she trusted herself to yes to her because during that time that I was supposed to be spending time with her, I meditated, and during that meditation, I received an idea that expanded my life considerably! I acted on the idea immediately and it changed my life and the lives of others in ways that I could never have imagined.

Say yes to you whether someone wants you to or not.

Write down all the things that you would like to do in your life over the next few months.

Is it to go on a course? Is it to visit friends and family? Is it to experience something that you never imagined you would do?

And then write down all the reasons stopping you.

Ask yourself if these reasons are enhancing your life or diminishing it?

Are they allowing you to say yes to you?

Are you willing to say yes to you despite these reasons?

Are you willing to take action on your yeses?

Are you willing to follow your yeses to allow your desires to manifest?

Are you willing to keep saying yes when everything is showing you that it can’t possibly happen?

I have so many things on my “YES!” list that I have no idea how they are going to be realised. I simply know that if I keep following the energy of the yes, it will show up in a way that I never imagined and of course that will always be better than what I’ve planned.

All of these yeses are in your energy field.

They are there waiting for you to embody the energy and all you have to do is ask for it.

Ask for your Angels, Guides, your Higher Self and God’s help. They love helping us get what will allow us to say yes more often. They have fun with this stuff and it could be something that you could play with as well.

Have you ever played “Reach” when you’ve lost something?

I do it all the time and I do it for my yeses that are yet to appear.

Put your hands out in front of you as if someone is going to put something in them. Imagine your yes, your desire in your hands and say, “Reach”.

It is then up to you to follow the information you receive to allow your desire to come to you.

It’s almost like a game of Marco Polo where you are constantly given hot or cold messages until you reach your desire.

Start with things you know you will find, keys, purse, etc. Then move on to things that are a yes for you to manifest.

Have fun with it and let me know what you bring into your reality from your energetic world and of course if you need a little assistance, I’m always here to lend a hand.

Loving you… Loving life…

Stop Trying To Fix The Illusion Of Life

Are you the person people always come to with their issues?

The one who fixes things?

Many people in the healing/helping industries are, yet are they really serving the other person?

I used to do this and it would drain me because I was trying to fix the unfixable. Trying to be of service and thinking that I was helping others by fixing their issues for them.

And then I realised something…

It’s not my responsibility to fix the illusion we live in.

I am choosing to be a conduit of consciousness and others are choosing whatever they choose.

I was at a social function a few years ago and Scott had a sore eye. The friend we were with asked me if I knew what was going on with it and if so why haven’t I fixed it?

I replied that, yes, of course, I knew what was going on and I hadn’t fixed it because it wasn’t my place to do so. It was his eye, his issue and he could do whatever he chose with it.

To our friend this seemed quite harsh because I could have easily taken away his pain, yet I could see that it wasn’t in his best interest to do so.

Have you ever looked at someone in pain and wanted to take the pain away?

I have many times and yet if you look into the energy of it, many times the pain is taking them to a point where they could make a choice that would change their life and why would anyone wish to take that away from them?

Many times when people come to me for consultations, either privately or through the Divine Love Club, they ready to make that choice and I am able to support the process of choosing.

And then, of course, there is the game of this wonderful illusion. That thing that we call reality, which is a mishmash of entangled energies that it is impossible to fix while we are enmeshed in it.

When I was studying counselling,, I was told not to sympathise with someone as that means that you will dive into the hole with them. Empathise with them and you’ll be out of the hole throwing a ladder down to them for them to climb out.

Taking that a step further and allow yourself to move out of the illusion of this reality. Come from a higher level of consciousness (this does not mean a better or worse – simply different) and if they choose to join you, that will be their choice.

When you move out of the reality, you are choosing for you and creating a world of joy, of peace and a place of understanding where you are able to see the illusion for what it is… a game.

If life is a game, then nothing really matters.

Things come and go, emotions knock us over and we get back up again. We hurt, we laugh, we cry, we comfort and we live. We’ve been doing this for many, many lifetimes on many planets and this moment is a pinprick in time that will be forgotten about in another moment.

We have the ability to open our energy and listen to our friend who is hurting and offer them nothing. They really need nothing from us because as we are opening our energy, their’s will resonate with our’s and they will find the solution within themselves.

Have you ever been asked your opinion and then the person did something completely different? Did you wonder why they asked you in the first place? Generally, it’s because they are processing, but people will do whatever they want to no matter what anyone says, so allow them to come to their own solution on their own time.

It is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give to you and you to others.

Are you ready to give up fixing the illusion?

Are you willing to allow others to come to their own solution?

Are you willing to stay open to the possibility that you may not like their solution?

Are you willing to allow others to live their journey?

Are you willing to stay open and open and open in your energy?

Would you?

Could you?


If you’re struggling with other people’s choices or not wanting to feel rude or useless by not engaging in other’s drama, let me know and I’ll not fix you in any way shape or form.

Loving you… Loving life…


Blame Me For Everything

What if you had someone to blame for everything that has ever happened in your life?

All the bad stuff that you think is ruining your life.

All the stuff that if it wasn’t happening, your life would be fantastic!

Well, you do… Me.

Yep. Blame me.

Blame me for the bad stuff, the ugly stuff, the hurtful stuff, the stuff that is uncomfortable.

Blame me.

Your child falls over… Rosemary’s fault.

You’re in financial ruin… Rosemary’s fault.

Your partner is in a mood… yep… Rosemary’s fault.

You can do it!

In fact, the more you blame me, the better!

You can even blame me for the good stuff, although most of you won’t do that because you think that the good stuff is worth holding on. Yet, the good, the bad, the indifferent is all made up of the same stuff (energy) and can all be thrown at my feet because it feels great!

Bring it on baby!!!!

So, now that you think I’m mildly crazy for taking the blame for everything in your life, that other person’s life, in fact, for everyone’s life, what is this all about?

When many people feel they are being blamed for something, especially if it is unjustly so, there is a resistance that can keep you stuck. It can hold the energy in place for years and have an affect on future decisions that will stop you from creating a life of fun and joy.

I remember when I was a child I would get the blame for things that I hadn’t done and it felt horrible. Why was I being punished for something I had nothing to do with?

Victim, victim, victim!

Now as an adult, I realise that the issue of blame had nothing to do with me and everything to do with them, so I’m happy to allow the energy to flow through me because that is all blame is… energy.

When I wasn’t able to receive the energy of blame, I became a right fighter. I would fight for my cause to the death. And that’s exactly what happened… I killed many relationships because I was fighting for what I believed was right.

I’m not saying for you to be a doormat and take abuse from others, simply allow the energy to flow through you easily and gently because blame rarely has anything to do with you and everything to do with the other person.

Of course, if it is an issue that you can remedy, by all means, help out. Do what you can to rectify the situation and give the other person some ease in their life.

Are you ready to let blame become a thing of the past in your relationships?

Are you willing to allow the energy of blame (and anything else) to flow through you like a gentle breeze?

Are you willing to drop your barriers, expand the love your have within your heart and be open to the energy being thrown at you?

Are you willing to feel blame as a gentle giggle?

Are you willing to realise that blame really doesn’t matter and that looking at the hurt behind the blame is more important than the blame itself?

When you are able to allow the blame to flow through you, you will find that blame rarely comes up in your world. People stop blaming you, you stop blaming people and things. You stop being a victim in your own world and that’s a really spacious place to be.

Right, wrong, good or bad, it really doesn’t matter because it is all the same energy, simply different sides of the same coin which we have judged and allowed it to have power over us.

Are you ready to take your power back?

Are you ready to be responsible for your own life?

Are you ready to blame me for EVERYTHING?

Are you ready and willing to untangle from the energy of blame, so it no longer exists in your reality?

By the way, it’s all my fault!

If you need a little help with this concept, let me know and we’ll work it out together.

Loving you… Loving life…

Moving Through Suicidal Tendancies

I love working with suicide.

Well actually, I love working with people before they actually take their lives. Although I have been known to work with those who have transitioned, but that’s a whole other post that I may or may not write about.

Suicidal thoughts are interesting to me and of course those who are having them.

Many of us who have wanted to take our lives, when asked, don’t actually want to die, they simply want the pain to go away and can’t think of any other way out – other than death.

And that’s sad… very sad…

It’s also one of the many reasons I love working with people who are in that position.

I’ve worked on a suicidal hotline, worked one on one with people who are ready to take their lives, had friends who hurt themselves physically and there were times when I have thought about ending this lifetime, if not for my beautiful cat Christie.

When working with someone who is ready to leave their life, the look on their faces (or if I’m doing a phone consult – the shift in their energy) when they realise that there is another way out of the pain is such a gift – an opening to something new, where they can move beyond the life they are now living.

Many people believe that suicide is selfish, bad, a cop out and so on…

Yet I don’t have that point of view.

In fact I don’t have a point of view about suicide.

I don’t believe it is right or wrong…

It is simply a state of stuckness where the option of choice is non existent for the person in pain.

Until of course they ask a question…

“Help?” is one of the many questions that can be asked.

It’s the one I chose and it’s one that takes the least amount of energy, yet can create the greatest amount of energetic shift.

Many people who have suicidal thoughts are empathic or Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and aren’t able to cope with life that is pummelling at them.

When I work with people with suicidal thoughts I follow the energy (as I do in every consultation) but I take it a step further and teach them how to deal with these thoughts if they ever come back.

Acknowledging the energies that are causing the pain is the first step.

As an HSP you are like an antenae picking up on all the pain in the world… in the universe! You will also pick up on good stuff too, but until you learn to adjust your frequency, you’ll be perceiving all the lower stuff first.

To help start the process, let me ask some questions…

  • Are these thoughts light or heavy?
  • Do they belong to you or someone else?
  • How many energies are in or around your body now?
  • Where are you? Inside or outside your body?
  • How many times have you lived?
  • How many times have you taken your life?

And the questions will continue in the direction that the energy takes us…

The process tends to get a bit esoteric, however, when you start to tap into your inner knowing (which is what these questions will help you do), you’ll find that you’ll start to uncover the reason why you are feeling this way and how to transform the pain into something else.

HSPs are not broken, they just feel that way most of the time... Click To Tweet

We’re just a little different from many of the population which is why when the pain becomes too much it may seem easier to leave than find another solution.

I have used this technique on many, many clients who are ready to leave this lifetime and who are now living happy, productive lives.

I happen to be one of them!

If you or someone else you know have suicidal thoughts, please share this post or contact me for an immediate consultation.

No one needs to be in this much pain and the sooner it lifts the better life is for everyone.

Loving you… Loving life…

My Husband Is Pulling Away From Me

I’ve heard it time and time again…

My husband is pulling away and I don’t know what to do!

There’s something that happens energetically when one person in the relationship pulls away for one reason or another.

It’s almost imperceivable yet it is very real.

The connection that you once had with the person you love is slowly being eroded.

And no matter what you do, say or try, you just can’t get it back.

I’ve felt it before in past relationships and actually, I’ve felt it in this relationship!

And when this happens I know that we’re at a crossroads in our relationship.

You have a choice.

If you keep going down this path, you will eventually break up.


You can choose something different and see what else is possible. Click To Tweet

There are many reasons why your partner becomes disconnected from you, your family, from the life that you share.

One very common one is stress:

  • Financial stress
  • Work stress
  • Worry about the future
  • Pain in their body

All of these can bring about a distancing from the people who love and support them.

Many men, and some women, internalise their stress which stops them from connecting with their loved ones.

They need the time to work through it, come to terms with it or simply let it go.

It’s a process for them and women need to understand that there isn’t really anything they can do or say to make it better.

We can’t fix how they are handling their stress.

We can, however, look at how we handle our stress about how they are coping with stress.

It’s one of the greatest gifts we have…

How we deal with how other people affect our lives.

We could get demanding – tell me what’s going on!

We could nag – not the best option.

We could be supportive – yet there is supportive and then there is supportive and people have different ways of receiving support.

And then, we can be energetically loving.

One of the best ways that I have found to change the dynamics of a relationship is to do Ho’oponopono and energy pulling.

They are 2 different techniques that work extremely well if you do them consistently… a couple of minutes a day is a good place to start.

Let’s start with Ho’oponopono…

I love you

Please forgive me

I’m sorry

Thank you

These 4 phrases are magic!

To learn more about Ho’oponopono click here.

In the process all you have to do is imagine in your mind’s eye or your heart space or wherever you feel the disconnect in your body, you and your partner saying these 4 phrases.

Sometimes it’s difficult imagining your partner saying the words back to you.

Sometimes it’s difficult saying those words to your partner, but keep at it.

Remember, this is an energetic process.

You don’t have to tell them that you’re doing it, you simply need to do it.

The second process is energy pulling.

What if you imagined pulling energy, like water flowing through them and through you?

The energy flow comes from the Universe and allows flow to occur in your relationship again.

Keep the flow going for as long as you wish.

You can do it eyes opened, eyes closed and even ask the energy to keep on flowing…

Do what feels best for you and your relationship.

And finally, what if you let your loved one go?

Let them go and have the experience they require while knowing that you are supporting their life’s choices and journey.

You don’t own them, nor do they own you.

Yes, you have both chosen to be in this relationship together, yet this is something that you may need to choose on a daily, hourly basis.

So truth, are you choosing to be with your partner today?

Either way, what if you did the energy processes and see how your relationship transforms?

If you need any extra assistance feel free to book an appointment and we can look deeper into why you are with your partner in the first place.

Loving you… Loving life…

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