You Are Very Special


Most of us don’t believe we are special.

We don’t deserve to be loved.

And no matter how much we try to talk ourselves out of not deserving, our past experience has told us over and over again, that we are not important, that we are no one.

We are definitely not loved.

It’s interesting because we can come from the most loving family or the most dysfunctional family and still feel that missing piece. The part of us that makes us feel whole.

This piece is the reason we try to find fulfilment outside of us.

We look for it in relationships, in alcohol, drugs, sex, money, career… and the list goes on.

We are constantly searching for that thing that is going to allow us to breathe and make us feel whole again.

What can we do? Most of the time it seems hopeless so we create our vision boards and our goals so that we will be contributing to society and making our life mean something.

Yet this is simply a distraction from the emptiness we feel inside.

When we have something to do, we feel better. Yet what if we simply be?

How would that feel?

For many of us, being still, being silent, just being is uncomfortable.

Our minds go crazy. Chatter, chatter, chatter! There is so much to do. How can we possibly justify being still for a moment?

Our feelings; the fear, the anger and the grief start to surface.

All the feelings we have suppressed since childhood and all of the suppressed emotions from generations before that are held as cellular memories are there ready for a moment to surface.

Aches and pains in our body will become apparent as we allow our body to communicate with us, giving us vital information about what we need in our life.

What do we do with our thoughts, emotions and body information?

We’ve never been taught what to do with them, we have, however, been taught to suppress them and get on with our life until they show up as mental health disorders or disease.

It's suppression that stops us from feeling special. Click To Tweet

It stops us because we become separate from who we really are. It builds a wall of energy around the beautiful person we were when we arrived and it snubs out our vital force leaving us tired all the time.

How do we feel special again?

How do we feel truly loved so that we don’t have to go looking elsewhere for it?

How do we contribute to life from a space of being whole?

We do it by connecting to who we really are. That small one who came into this world and was told they were wrong, mistreated or abused.

We parent ourselves.

We love ourselves and we treat our small one with love and respect.

We listen to what our small one has to say and we allow it to say whatever it needs to.

We let him or her know that they are safe, they are loved and that are whole and then we allow this beautiful small one integrate into us.

As we do this process on a regular basis we will find that we will become whole again. The bits of us that have been left behind, broken and damaged over the years will align with our highest expression and we will start to feel special again.

Not only will we feel special but the world around us will step up and show us that this is true.

This process is fairly simple, but definitely not easy.

If you take the step to nurture your small one, you will find there will be tears, anger, pain and more that will show up and it may take days, weeks or even months for each aspect of you to be resolved. But then again, it may take moments as each small one has individual experiences.

Every time I do this process I love myself more and more and it gets easier and easier to connect with that part of me that has been left behind.

My wish for you is to know that you are special beyond words, special beyond thought and special beyond feelings and I am here to support you as you discover this for yourself.

Loving you… Loving life…

3 Ways To Attract Your Life Partner

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Ms or Mr Right showed up out of the blue?

Well, it is possible, and usually happens when you stop looking. Yet how do you get to the point where you stop looking? How do you get to that feeling where you have completely given up and let go?

Sometimes it can be trickier than you expect it to be and with these 3 ways, you can let go of the search for your partner and still have the feeling that you are “doing” something for them to show up in your life.



3 ways to attract love into your life are:

  1. Universe, show me love
  2. Pull energy
  3. Allow the Divine to support you

After about 3 months (on and off) using these 3 steps, Scott magically appeared in my life.

If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, come and join the Free Divine Love Activations which happen every Wednesday where the energy for love is incorporated ===> Click here.

And of course, if you need any extra help, you can always connect with me and we can work through any blockages you may have together.

Loving you… Loving life…

What Are You Willing To Give Up

Many of us struggle to let go of ideas, beliefs and physical things because we are afraid of what we might lose.

We won’t give something up because we may need it in the future…



We don’t actually know if we will need it or use it, but JUST IN CASE, we’re going to hold onto it for dear life!

And we do this because we don’t believe that in that far off moment we will be supported by our life and the Universe.

We believe that if we give something up, that’s it. We are doomed to be rudderless forever!

A little dramatic I know, yet this is what I see on a regular basis.

Even though we preach abundance, we still believe in scarcity because we are not willing to give up something, simply because we don’t believe that we will be supported and given other opportunities to create something beyond our current thinking for this mythical future event.

I’ll simplify this a little with something physical and then I’ll move onto something a little bigger.

My Father in Law (who has transitioned, yet is still very much a part of our lives), collected boxes. I only knew him physically for a short period of time, yet when it was time to clean out his garage, one of the most used sentences was…

“Good box that!”

He was a collector of boxes. Small ones, big ones, ones that may be used for something (who knows what) in the future. As if when this future time came, he wouldn’t be able to go and get a box that would suit the contents then, when that moment in the future became the moment of now.

My Step Dad has this affliction although he has had to cut it down due to lack of storage space in his new home and my husband has it too.

It’s a little bit of fun and doesn’t hurt anyone, yet how does it relate to your thoughts and beliefs about an abundant and supportive universe?

When we’re not willing to give up the little things in life, it is much harder to give up the bigger ones and they are the things that hold us back the most.

Those things that we hold on so dearly are stopping us from finding and receiving love, from creating a successful business, developing lasting friendships and being a conduit of love.

When we are willing to give up everything in life, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions and our physical possessions we are then given the space to be open to amazing opportunities. As the saying goes, “One door closes and another one opens.” This is true for whatever you are willing to give up.

I played with a process the other day and maybe you can too.

Look around your house… what are you willing to give up?

Your clothes?

Your bed?

Your computer?

Your phone?

Your food?

Your whole house?

Remember, you don’t actually have to give these things away if they are serving you in this moment and they enhance your life. The process is for you to energetically give these things up.

And then we can move on to emotions…

What are you willing to give up?









Are you willing to give up the good with the bad?

Good and bad are both sides of the same coin, so if you’re not willing to give up one energy, you’ll still have it lingering in the background because you’re attached to the other side of the coin.

Are you willing to give it up and see what is beyond your beliefs?

Play with the process and see how much clearer you become. You may find that your world opens up to so many possibilities that simply weren’t there for you before because you were holding onto the scarcity of not trusting that there is always more.

Are you willing to give up your friends, family, children, job, money, career, etc, etc?

What if you were?

Would you?

Could you?


Let me know what happens when you do this process and if you have a little trouble letting go, let me know and we can work it out together.

Loving you… Loving life…

How To Take Inspired Action

I’ve heard tell, that to be a success in this life you need to take action.

Most of the people I have heard this from are selling a product or service.

Take action now or you will miss out, you’ll regret it or you’ll never find this product again! What a load of rubbish!

You can take action as much in your life as you wish. You can be a doing rather than a being if you truly desire. You can run yourself into the ground with busyness and end up broke, sick and unhappy – and that may not be a bad thing for you. It may even be your journey.

However, a lot of the time when you live your life like you feel you’re going to miss out if you take action, it will take you off your path and away from your life’s desire, which is a shame.

So, how do you get things done?

You take inspired action.

The funny thing with inspiration is that it doesn’t always feel like you’re going in the “right” direction or it’s even very inspiring.

Sometimes it’s a niggle to do something… anything… and you may not know what that “thing” is. You may feel the desire to get outside, get away from the computer, yet you’re not quite sure where to go! This morning I felt the need to write a blog post, yet I didn’t know what I was going to write about, I simply had an inkling to write. And so I am writing…

There is a lot going on with our lives that we aren’t aware of. We have a path, to guide us and strength that if we listen to the whispers we will be able to follow. Yet if we decide what we are going to do without checking in to the other side of us, we could find after years of taking action, that we really didn’t want to go where we were heading.

There needs to be trust, surrender and communication with our guides and our higher self which then helps you to connect with those whispers of inspiration.

You can communicate with your higher self in many ways. This is what I say…

“I would like to complete (fill in the blank) today and also complete (fill in the blank) this week. Would you like to do this with me? I will leave how or when we do it up to you and for the highest expression of my life.”

And then go about my day. You can ask to go somewhere, do something or complete something and the time frame is up to you. You can set a specific date or simply say, week, month or year.

One of the most important parts of that conversation is the invitation for my higher self to do it with me. It’s always nice to be asked, rather than told that you’re going to do something, isn’t it?

I even tend to ramble a bit, unless there is something really important that I would like to have done and then I will write it down. I leave the details up to my higher self because it’s a lot easier.

If you do this process, you may find that you don’t get everything done. You may even find that you do things that you didn’t think you were going to do. You may find that in the coming weeks, months or years that you had the order wrong and you needed to get B done before A.

So, what is it that you would like to get done?

Would you like a loving relationship?

Would you like a more fulfilling job?

Would you like to complete your tax return?

Would you like to clean your house?

Or something else?

It’s time for you to have a chat to your higher self and tell it your intentions for your life and if it will assist to express your life fully, then you will start to be pulled in ways that you may never have thought.

Please don’t get stressed out when it doesn’t happen in the order that you think it should. You really don’t have a clue about what is best for you in this regard. (And I mean that in the nicest possible way… we really don’t).

For example, at the beginning of the week, I needed to complete the first page of the HappyInConsiousness website, record a 3 Divine Love Club recordings and 5 subliminal audios for DLC members and I thought that this would be the order it “should be done”.

I have completed the 3 DLC recordings. They were done quickly and easily and I had been putting them off for 2 months! Last night, I dreamed what the HIC site copy would be… so that will be easy to complete today. Yet if I had done it when I had planned (before the DLC recordings) it would have been a struggle.

In passing, I noticed that I needed to write some more content for my website and thought I may do it on Friday when my mum and I spend the day working together, yet because my higher-self knows that I was going to get an insight into the copy for Happy In Consciousness, I had an urge to write the post in between dropping Scott off at the train station and going to Mum’s.

And so it is done.

I have no idea when I will be doing the subliminal audios and the deadline is next week. Although I do know that I will be doing it at the perfect time for them and me and the members of the Divine Love Club. I’m leaving it up to the part of me that knows and I don’t need to stress about it at all.

If you’re someone who needs to have all their ducks in a row and work to deadlines, simply ask your higher self to complete the work with you. You’ll find that you’ll get the work done more easily and quickly. However, if you have the flexibility to try this process out, you may find that you’ll start opening to other opportunities that you may not have even considered!

Let me know how you go and if you are struggling to find your life’s desire, contact me and we can work it out together.

Loving you… Loving life…

Treat Others The Way They Would Like To Be Treated

There is a golden rule: Do unto other as you would want them to do unto you.

Yet as I was listening to Jane Elliott of the blue eyes/brown eyes experiment, she said something that totally resonated with me.

Treat others the way they would like to be treated.

Have a think about it for a moment… wouldn’t you like other people to treat you with the way YOU would like to be treated? Not the way they think you should be treated or even the way they would want to be treated… the way you would like to be treated.

Although we are all one in our energy and our beings, we are still individuals with different desires and requirements on how to live. We all have our little idiosyncrasies that make us unique and allow us to contribute our brand of something special to humanity. And this means that we all would like to be treated in a certain way. We would like to be treated how we would like to be treated!

Search engines and internet marketers understand this as they retarget their ads to what the consumer is looking for, not what they think we should buy. Sometimes they get it wrong, yet most of the time because of the complex algorithms finding out about our likes and dislikes they can find out which ads placed on our computer screen will be the products we are looking for and we may need.

When others treat you the way they would like to be treated whose needs are being put first?

Their’s or your’s?

If you then get upset because of the way they are treating you they can’t understand what the problem is. Why would you be upset? What’s wrong? I’ve treated you exactly how I would like to be treated. Yet it’s not about them, it’s about you…

When I have someone over for dinner, I have a preference for them to stay out of the kitchen and relax. It is their turn to be waited on, yet I have many friends who love to come and help out, offer to do the dishes and join in. When I go to people’s place for dinner, I have to remind myself (depending on the friend) to offer to help out otherwise it may seem rude to them.

It’s something that I got from my grandmother. When she had guests she looked after them and then in return she was looked after when she enjoyed other people’s hospitality.

It’s a different perspective and preference yet it can lead to misunderstandings and projections of being rude.

So how do you find out how people would like to be treated?

There’s the direct approach… Ask them. Which works well in certain circumstances and not so well in others.

And then, of course, you can watch, listen and learn to follow the other person’s lead. This is one of the best ways to develop empathy and create an understanding of differences between people. It will not only create good will but also allow you to grow as a person.

Treating others the way they would like to be treated doesn’t necessarily mean that you become their doormat and you do everything they would like. Make sure you still stay true to you. If you don’t believe a particular action will enhance your life and the lives of others, don’t do it.

Remember say yes to you, although you can still do that with kindness and respect for others.

Differences are a good thing.

They allow us to acknowledge other’s perspective, create empathy and a safe space for us to share ideas as a community.

So if you find yourself in a position where you would like someone to treat you differently, ask yourself whether you are treating them how they would like to be treated and if you are treating you how you would like to be treated.

Of course, you can’t expect others to treat you how you would like if you don’t do the same thing for yourself.

We all have our journeys and we are navigating them the best way we know with the tools that we have in that moment, so take a look around at your friends and family and ask yourself, who am I not treating the way they would like to be treated and with a little bit of effort you may be able to turn around a tumultuous relationship into one of love, respect and empathy in a very short time.

If you are having difficulty wondering why you have to do all the work, rather than them treating you the way you would like, contact me and we can figure it out together.

Loving you… Loving life…

Worst Case Scenario

I’ve always been a little bit worried about how people who aren’t open to what I do would judge me.

Have you ever been concerned about other’s opinions of you?

Friends, family, acquaintances…

This would generally come up if you have some form of rejection as a core issue for you in your morphic field.

So I was at Rikka Zimmerman’s Life Transformed workshop in Los Angeles the other day (which was fabulous by the way) and I realised just how intrinsic rejection was in my field.

I knew that there was something there, yet I couldn’t put my finger on it.

This happens a lot and I see it with clients.

Core issues can be very difficult to see from your own perspective. Click To Tweet

They put themselves into areas of their life so that it will show up over and over again until they see it and allow it to be released and for many of us, we won’t know what it is until someone points it out to us and we’re ready to receive that information.

So this happened to me in the course and then later that night the people who I didn’t really want to know what I did for a living found my videos online.

And guess what happened?

I didn’t die.

I didn’t cry.

I didn’t go into the fetal position and hope that the world would open up and swallow me.

On the contrary.

I wished that I had more online for them to see.

I wished that I had opened up and allowed all my skills to assist those who need them.

I wished that I had contributed more to help others.

Yet there is no way that I could have done or been anything different at the time before the rejection was cleared out of my system.

I was simply being me.

To take a look at your core issue, take a look at some worst case scenarios that you wouldn’t want to happen in your life.

It could be that your relationship breaks down.

It could be that you lose all your money.

It could be that your personal choice gets taken away.

And you’ll notice that you keep choosing partners or situations where you’re the one that creates situations where this happens.

For example, in between being a flight attendant and a counsellor, I worked in sales… talk about rejection!

I would start off being the highest seller and then magically couldn’t make a sale to save myself.

I created the rejection.

Another example was that before meeting my gorgeous husband, I would pick men who I would think were rejecting me, but I was actually pushing them away.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, your issue may have nothing to do with rejection and these examples may not resonate with you, yet there will be a pattern that you have created in your life that is trying to tell you something about your deliciously juicy core issue.

And this issue will have a direct effect on EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE!

So take the time and write down what sort of jobs do you gravitate to, what sort of partners do you bring into your life and how do you feel about your life in general.

And then of course, ask the magical question…

“Show me and allow me to clear the core issue that affects every aspect of my life?”

And trust that it will eventually appear and be released easily and effortlessly.

If you need some extra help with this, please know that I’m available for private consultations to be that outsider who is able to see what is difficult for most of us to see within ourselves.

Loving you… Loving life…

A Gift Of Flowers

Using flowers to heal a relationship is something that many of us do.

We also give flowers

  • to say thank you
  • to give support
  • to offer condolences
  • to celebrate
  • to say “I love you”
  • and just because you can.

What if you gave flowers energetically to transform the dynamics of a connection you have with another?

This other person can be a colleague, a friend, a family member, someone you are having a love relationship with or a random person you met once.

If you have an issue with anyone, you can use this process to bring the connection back into harmony.

It’s simple and you can do it as often or as little as you choose.

Let’s start…

Take a deep breath in…. and let it out.

Imagine your energy is flowing to the core of the earth and the love of the earth bounces back up into your body.

Then allow that energy to flow up through the crown of your head and into the centre of the universe and bounce back down into your body where it will meet in your heart space.

From your heart space allow the energy to expand out into the world and beyond.

Now imagine this person in front of you…

And feel whatever you feel about the situation with this person….

The good, the bad, the indifferent.

Now imagine that you are giving this person a flower…

It can be any flower, any colour.

And then give this person another flower…

And another…

Until you sense a shift in the connection with this person.

The dynamic has now started to change.

What is actually happening in this process is that you are healing yourself as this person you are perceiving in your mind’s eye is actually that part of you that is being represented by this other person and the fact that they are showing up in this manner is giving you an opportunity to love you.

What a gift they are!

When you think about others in this manner, animosity seems to disappear and gratitude seems to miraculously appear.

Just think about it…

This other person, is showing up in your life to do you a favour. Click To Tweet

To annoy you, to hurt you, to frustrate you so much that you choose to do something about it and that is to heal that part of you that is connected to the annoyance, the hurt and the frustration!

And it is your choice as to what you do with this gift…

So what are you going to do with it?

Blame them for showing up for you?

Or thanking them for giving you the gift to love yourself?

If you need any extra help seeing this other person as a gift, please book in for a consultation and we’ll do it together.

Loving you… Loving life…


Don’t Push Me

Do you ever want someone to do something for you?

Of course you do.

It’s only natural that you would want someone to help you out, make life easier for you.

At the moment there is a salesperson who wants me to do something for him. He wants me to buy his solar panels.

As I have been in sales over the years I can see through his sales techniques and how he is trying to manipulate the situation, yet I can also see what he is doing energetically.

He is pushing energy at me.

He probably doesn’t even realise that he his doing it. In fact I know he does’t otherwise he would stop.

This happens in personal relationships too.

When you are trying to get your partner to do something, many of us unconsciously push energy at them to force them into agreeing with you when really what you need to be doing is pulling energy.

Just think about it…

When someone is trying to convince you to do something, for most of us, the automatic thing to happen is to have resistance to taking action.

Even when you agree with the idea!

And why is that?

Because you’re feeling energy being pushed at you and it’s not the nicest of feeling.

When you have all this energy coming at you, there is no space for you to move.

No where for you to go…

No space for you to take action.

There are two ways to look at this…

  1. You’re doing the pushing to try to get someone else to take action
  2. You’re being pushed and there is no space for you to take action.

So what do you do because most of us don’t really know that this is happening, they only know that there are two parties at loggerhead.

  1. Breathe!
  2. Let go of all expectations for your desired outcome.

If you’re doing the pushing…

  1. Imagine energy pouring through the universe through the other person into you and then out of you.
  2. And then ask your body to keep pulling energy through the other person.
  3. Your intention will allow this to happen and trust that it will.

If you’re being pushed…

  1. Drop all your barriers. Imagine that they are falling to the ground.
  2. Imagine that all the energy the other person is pushing at you is simply flowing through you. Easily. Gently. Without harm.
  3. Trust that this is happening.

When you do this, a few things will happen…

  1. The animosity or resentment between the two of you will decrease.
  2. Both parties will be able to hear each other and communicate more easily.
  3. There will be space for action and ease.

This does not necessarily mean that you’ll get your own way all the time.

However, it will allow for the space to come to a resolution without it escalating into an argument which is always a good thing.

So when you’re asking for action from your partner, a family member or even a work colleague, give the technique a go and let me know what happens in the comments below.

When you’re ready to go deeper, book a consultation with me and we’ll work on it together.

Loving you… Loving life…

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Living In Your Dream Home – Clarity Session

Living in your dream home is a birth rite.

Your dream home, however, is not how it looks but how it feels.

What if you can transform your living space by transforming your inner world? Click To Tweet

What if your house is a reflection of you?

Are you willing to dissolve what is not working for you?


If you would like to use the space clearing process, click here.

Loving you… Loving life…

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