Staying On Your Path

We all get distracted.

Some call it the shiny object syndrome, I call it learning how to live in your highest expression.

I’ve gone through this learning and I’ve worked with many who have struggled with it as well.

There are no right or wrong choices in life because they will all bring you back to you. To love.

Every single choice you make will bring you back to the oneness of you.

It may not seem like it at the time, but it will…

Sure there are many paths to enlightenment, however, there is only one path for you.

Sometimes the path you’re on doesn’t seem like it’s the “right” one as it seems like a rollercoaster yet there are lessons or understandings to help you grow and align with who you really are on the windy roads.

There is much discussion over choice. You need to choose something in order to take the next step in your experience, yet the closer you are to your highest expression, the less you need to choose.

The choice simply is.

You know which path will flow for you.

You know what is a distraction and what is in tune with who you are.

You know deep within what you are here to experience and to contribute to others.

The struggle can be how do you get to the point of knowing? Click To Tweet

There are 3 main tips to help you to stay on your path:

  1. There is no right or wrong. It doesn’t matter what you choose, your path will always be adjusted to your life’s purpose. So if you come to a crossroads, imagine how you would feel about the choice you made in 6 months time and if it resonates with you, go for that one.
  2. Connect within. The more you connect to your inner knowing, the easier it is to make a choice in your external world. This can be done through meditation, dancing, walking, soaking in a bath, playing with your children or animals. Your life is your experience, you connect within the way it works for you.
  3. Everytime you have a choice to make, ask yourself, “Will this choice be in the highest expression of who I really am?”
  4. Bonus tip: Be open to changing course.

It’s ok to make a mistake with your choices.

You will always have the opportunity to adjust your course if you need to. Just remember, a course correction will not always look like the same opportunity you passed up. It may even be better.

I invite you to use these tips in every choice you make. From what clothes you wear to major career and relationship decisions. You’ll be surprised how easy it becomes to connect with your knowing and choices cease to exist when you are in flow.

Let me know in the comments what choices you need to make and I’ll be happy to facilitate the process for you.

Loving you… Loving life…

What Are You Willing To Give Up

Many of us struggle to let go of ideas, beliefs and physical things because we are afraid of what we might lose.

We won’t give something up because we may need it in the future…



We don’t actually know if we will need it or use it, but JUST IN CASE, we’re going to hold onto it for dear life!

And we do this because we don’t believe that in that far off moment we will be supported by our life and the Universe.

We believe that if we give something up, that’s it. We are doomed to be rudderless forever!

A little dramatic I know, yet this is what I see on a regular basis.

Even though we preach abundance, we still believe in scarcity because we are not willing to give up something, simply because we don’t believe that we will be supported and given other opportunities to create something beyond our current thinking for this mythical future event.

I’ll simplify this a little with something physical and then I’ll move onto something a little bigger.

My Father in Law (who has transitioned, yet is still very much a part of our lives), collected boxes. I only knew him physically for a short period of time, yet when it was time to clean out his garage, one of the most used sentences was…

“Good box that!”

He was a collector of boxes. Small ones, big ones, ones that may be used for something (who knows what) in the future. As if when this future time came, he wouldn’t be able to go and get a box that would suit the contents then, when that moment in the future became the moment of now.

My Step Dad has this affliction although he has had to cut it down due to lack of storage space in his new home and my husband has it too.

It’s a little bit of fun and doesn’t hurt anyone, yet how does it relate to your thoughts and beliefs about an abundant and supportive universe?

When we’re not willing to give up the little things in life, it is much harder to give up the bigger ones and they are the things that hold us back the most.

Those things that we hold on so dearly are stopping us from finding and receiving love, from creating a successful business, developing lasting friendships and being a conduit of love.

When we are willing to give up everything in life, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions and our physical possessions we are then given the space to be open to amazing opportunities. As the saying goes, “One door closes and another one opens.” This is true for whatever you are willing to give up.

I played with a process the other day and maybe you can too.

Look around your house… what are you willing to give up?

Your clothes?

Your bed?

Your computer?

Your phone?

Your food?

Your whole house?

Remember, you don’t actually have to give these things away if they are serving you in this moment and they enhance your life. The process is for you to energetically give these things up.

And then we can move on to emotions…

What are you willing to give up?









Are you willing to give up the good with the bad?

Good and bad are both sides of the same coin, so if you’re not willing to give up one energy, you’ll still have it lingering in the background because you’re attached to the other side of the coin.

Are you willing to give it up and see what is beyond your beliefs?

Play with the process and see how much clearer you become. You may find that your world opens up to so many possibilities that simply weren’t there for you before because you were holding onto the scarcity of not trusting that there is always more.

Are you willing to give up your friends, family, children, job, money, career, etc, etc?

What if you were?

Would you?

Could you?


Let me know what happens when you do this process and if you have a little trouble letting go, let me know and we can work it out together.

Loving you… Loving life…

Worst Case Scenario

I’ve always been a little bit worried about how people who aren’t open to what I do would judge me.

Have you ever been concerned about other’s opinions of you?

Friends, family, acquaintances…

This would generally come up if you have some form of rejection as a core issue for you in your morphic field.

So I was at Rikka Zimmerman’s Life Transformed workshop in Los Angeles the other day (which was fabulous by the way) and I realised just how intrinsic rejection was in my field.

I knew that there was something there, yet I couldn’t put my finger on it.

This happens a lot and I see it with clients.

Core issues can be very difficult to see from your own perspective. Click To Tweet

They put themselves into areas of their life so that it will show up over and over again until they see it and allow it to be released and for many of us, we won’t know what it is until someone points it out to us and we’re ready to receive that information.

So this happened to me in the course and then later that night the people who I didn’t really want to know what I did for a living found my videos online.

And guess what happened?

I didn’t die.

I didn’t cry.

I didn’t go into the fetal position and hope that the world would open up and swallow me.

On the contrary.

I wished that I had more online for them to see.

I wished that I had opened up and allowed all my skills to assist those who need them.

I wished that I had contributed more to help others.

Yet there is no way that I could have done or been anything different at the time before the rejection was cleared out of my system.

I was simply being me.

To take a look at your core issue, take a look at some worst case scenarios that you wouldn’t want to happen in your life.

It could be that your relationship breaks down.

It could be that you lose all your money.

It could be that your personal choice gets taken away.

And you’ll notice that you keep choosing partners or situations where you’re the one that creates situations where this happens.

For example, in between being a flight attendant and a counsellor, I worked in sales… talk about rejection!

I would start off being the highest seller and then magically couldn’t make a sale to save myself.

I created the rejection.

Another example was that before meeting my gorgeous husband, I would pick men who I would think were rejecting me, but I was actually pushing them away.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, your issue may have nothing to do with rejection and these examples may not resonate with you, yet there will be a pattern that you have created in your life that is trying to tell you something about your deliciously juicy core issue.

And this issue will have a direct effect on EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE!

So take the time and write down what sort of jobs do you gravitate to, what sort of partners do you bring into your life and how do you feel about your life in general.

And then of course, ask the magical question…

“Show me and allow me to clear the core issue that affects every aspect of my life?”

And trust that it will eventually appear and be released easily and effortlessly.

If you need some extra help with this, please know that I’m available for private consultations to be that outsider who is able to see what is difficult for most of us to see within ourselves.

Loving you… Loving life…

The Best Question EVA!

Clients ask me what questions to ask…

Questions for all sorts of things like:

Finding your purpose
Better relationships
Connecting with your loved one
Better health
What food to eat and exercise to do
To shift energy and blockages

I answer…

“Ask whatever feels right for you.”

And most of the time there is a sense of dissatisfaction that fills the air.

People’s thinking mind need to know answers.

They need to know that they are doing something right.

They need to know that they are making a difference.

They need to know that what they are doing is working otherwise why the hell are they doing it!

So, this is the reason why people ask me about exact questions to ask for specific situations.

I get it.

And most of the time they get it too.

It’s really quite funny and when we have a laugh, the energy shifts and whatever was the issue is now gone.

Questions are a personal thing and when I’m working with at client or in a group session I will read the energy and ask the specific questions.

However, when it’s just you… what do you ask? Click To Tweet

When I first started to explore the world of question asking I would ask,

“What question is required in this situation?”

And that would either lead to more questions bubbling to mind or it would shift the energy without continuing.


“What question is required in this situation?”

If you continue to use this question for issues that arise in your life and stay open, you’ll find that more questions and then answers will come flooding into your awareness.

You’ll become your own walking, talking knowingness!

And then you’ll be able to move from questions that are primarily self centric – which is where most people are in their journey – to questions that are holistic in nature.

My favourite question at this moment in my life is…

“What can I be and do today that will contribute to my life and the lives of others?”

I ask this question every single day and my life just gets better and better!

This doesn’t mean that I’m out volunteering my time and energy every minute, every day.

It means that I’m taking care of myself and by increasing my frequency other people and environments will resonate with that energy.

My sister’s friend told me once just how much a single offhand sentence I said to her in passing had a huge impact on her life.

And I had NO IDEA!

I was simply contributing to myself and to others.

I definitely wasn’t actively trying to find people to fix or change.

I was simply being me.

Having fun at my sister’s house and loving my life.

As I ask this question on a daily basis… sometimes many times a day and I don’t go looking for answers.

I simply trust that my being and actions will contribute to my life and to the lives of others because really, who am I to think that I have all the answers for others in their life’s journey!

This question allows me to live my best life without having the pressure of thinking that I need to follow some amazing life purpose.

It allows me to trust that I am my life’s purpose.

If you’re struggling to find and be on purpose, please book a consultation with me today and we’ll get you on track.

Loving you… Loving life…

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What To Do When Life Doesn’t Flow

At the moment, I don’t think I’m in flow.

And yet I actually am.

The reason why I don’t think I’m in flow is because I’m not doing what I think I should be doing!

And the reason why I actually am in flow is because I’m doing what I need to be doing.

Let me give you some background on what I’m talking about…

I’m at my sister’s place, staying here for 2 weeks looking after her 3 gorgeous kids while she is having a holiday in London.

Her house feels different from mine.

There is not really a space for me where my work flows (or how I think it should flow).

It’s just different.

It’s uncomfortable.

It’s not how I would have liked it to be.

Yet it is perfect.

My sister’s space and environment is gifting me with so many insights into how I work, communicate and play.

And how all of these things come in loads of different packages.

Every Wednesday, when I’m at home, I get a hit of inspiration of what I would like to write about.

I recognise the feeling, the understanding and the knowing that it will simply flow onto the computer.

Yesterday, at my sister’s place, I got nothing!

I just couldn’t write because I wasn’t recognising how I thought inspiration should feel!

Today, I got nothing…

And yet I’m writing while I wait for our dad to arrive.

The way I got around my lack of inspiration or what I thought was lack, was to write about it.

Get it out!

Shout it out!

I’m totally uninspired!

And yet….

I’m not 🙂

So how does this relate to you and your life?

Well, many times there are areas in our life where we feel uninspired, flat, without flow… and it’s a struggle.

But what if we’re simply misreading the information we’re being given?

What if what we thought inspiration was, simply doesn’t show up the same way in this particular area?

What if we need to look at the lack of flow from a different perspective?

What if we could let go of our idea of what flow and inspiration are and are not? Click To Tweet

Could we?

Would we?


We are multi perceptive beings, it would be crazy to think that we could perceive inspiration in one particular form.

And that we could respond to inspiration in one particular way.

What if we could let go of how we think all of this should be?

And everything that is not it, attached to it and align it with Divine Love?

And breathe…

What if you could take a look at your life?






Personal Growth


And which area is not flowing at the moment?

Yet… what if it was, but you simply were looking for a different kind of knowing?

What if you didn’t realise that it was in flow?

Even if it really doesn’t look like it!

Even if you think that area is going backwards or is upside down or a complete mess.

Could you be open to that sort of flow?

Could you take a breathe and trust that even though you aren’t able to connect with that area and how it is flowing, it is actually in flow?

What if by being in allowance of flow showing up in many different forms, that you end up realising that it was always in flow to begin with?

Can you see how it works?

It’s like magic!

When you are in allowance of it being rather than trying to change it or manipulate it into something that it is not, it will open up into something that is beyond your expectations…

Just like this post.

Oh… and the 2 others I wrote after it 😉

Loving you… Loving life…

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The Heartache Of Disappointment

Everyone has felt disappointment.

I did this morning when I woke up, took my temperature and realised that I still haven’t ovulated this cycle.

Yes, yes, we are still trying to have a family… ridiculous I know after all these years.

But I just can’t help it.

Luckily, I have the information that I use with clients so that I can move through these things fairly quickly and my favourite modality for disappointment is the Sedona Method.

If I didn’t use this technique the disappointment in one area of my life could have a major impact on every other aspect of my life and the lives of others.

So what’s the best way to deal with disappointment?

Firstly let me explain what I believe disappointment is…

Disappointment can come in different forms.

  • Disappointment of self
  • Disappointment of others
  • Disappointment of situations

Yet the essence of the disappointment is when your expectation of yourself, the other person or situation has not been met.

When you’re expecting something to occur and it does not happen that’s when the emotion kicks in… the sadness, the hurt, the mistrust, the heartache and the blame.

These beautiful emotions that allow you to express yourself in a way that can open you up to being more of who you truly are… but that’s a whole other post – or even many posts.

It’s the expectation and the blame that we need to look at when dealing with why a person becomes disappointed.

When you have an expectation that something will occur or even hope that it will occur in your life then you take yourself out of the present moment.

You’re living in the future.

There’s nothing “wrong” with living in the future, having goals and ambitions of how you would like your to be.

However, when you life in the present, this is where the magic is… Here and now.

In the now is where you can go beyond your expectations. Click To Tweet

What if you could let go of living in the future?

Could you?

Would you?


What if you could live in the here and now?

Could you?

Would you?


The next step is when we attribute blame to the situation we remove it from ourselves and become a victim.

It’s not our fault, it’s my body, the other person, the computer, my employer, the government, the weather and the list goes on…

When we’re willing to take 100% responsibility for our life, both our inner world and our outer world we are able to take back our power and let go of victimhood once and for all.

So are you willing to let go of being a victim and realise that the reason you’re disappointed is because of your own expectation and not the actions of something external to you?

Life is what it is.

You can’t be sitting and standing at the same time.

And even though you can take every effort to achieve an outcome, sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you would prefer.

So when you feel the emotions behind your disappointment, take a look around you.

Breath it in and come back to the here and now.

Be grateful for this moment in your life and ask yourself…

“In the grand scheme of things, does your expectation really matter?”

And you’ll probably find that your answer will be a no.

Of course, if it still matters, book your consultation with me today and we’ll work it out together.

Loving you… Loving life…

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Do You Have An Agenda?

Most of us have agendas in our life.

Especially when it comes to our life purpose and many people believe their purpose is to help others.

I hear this all the time, especially from people who have had transformative experiences and feel that others need to experience how good they feel.

I’ve had two experiences of this over the past month.

One is a Reiki Master and if she sees anyone who may be in need, she’ll simply go up to them and ask them if they would like some Reiki.

If they say yes, that’s great. She’ll facilitate the Reiki.

If they say no, that’s great too.

There is no agenda behind her asking. She gets a lot of yeses and many thanks.

The other is also a Reiki Master, but she has a desperate yearning to help or heal others of their pain. She feels that because she has learned Reiki, she has a purpose to fulfill.

When she asks people if they are interested in Reiki, they feel her agenda to change a person’s situation and she gets a lot of nos.

*** Just as a note… this has absolutely nothing to do with Reiki. ***

I’ve seen this happen with many people who have learned various healing modalities or who are working in network marketing.

It’s your agenda that will shine through when you are offering your service to others.

Agendas can come in the form of:

  • I need money to pay the bills this month
  • I need you to get better because it hurts to see you in pain
  • I can see your life isn’t how I think it should be so you need to be doing (fill in the blank)
  • You don’t look happy/healthy/fulfilled, let me help you
Agendas are a form of superiority. Click To Tweet

Saying that you know what is best for the person without taking into consideration where they are in their life and their own personal choices.

And when someone says… “Don’t you think you should…” That is a sure sign that someone is working from an agenda.

If you think someone in your life needs to change – even if you truly believe it would be for the better, maybe you could look at the reason why you would like them to change.

Is it for your betterment or theirs?

And it could be both, however, as soon as you let go of your agenda, your superiority, you’ll be amazing how quickly the situation can change.

Give the person or the situation the space they need to make the choice themselves. It may not be what you think is best for them, but at least it is their choice.

Their responsibility. It’s not up to you to judge what is best for them, it’s up to you to be open if they require your service.

Whenever you offer help, a service or product, ask yourself, “What’s my agenda here?”

Acknowledge it, let it go and then ask your other than conscious mind, “What if this situation turned out better than I could ever imagine?”

Then if appropriate, offer your service and stay open to what shows up.

I am open to whatever shows up. So if you would like, book a consultation with me today.

Loving you… Loving life…

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Too Many Choices – Clarity Session

When you have too many choices paralysis can set in.

So when you come to a crossroad in your life, what do you do? Weigh up the options, look at the pros and cons?

Or do you connect with your inner knowing and see what your life would be like in 1000 years if you picked each choice?

Check out the video as we go through the process of choosing between two or more options in relation to a job.

This tool can be used with any choice that you’re required to make… relationships, buying houses, deciding on where to go on holiday… you name it, you can use it.



What would your life be like in 1000 years if you booked a consultation with me?

Click here and book now!

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4 Steps To Increase Your Self Motivation

Did you know that there are 3 tips to increase your self motivation that can have a dramatic impact on achieving your targets?

Well there is and I use them all the time.

There are some people who are naturally motivated. They simply do what needs to be done to get where they want to go and then there are others (me included) who fight and struggle to get the motivation to do what is required to get to their target.

Some of us love external rewards and others (that would be me again) who are not motivated by external desires and if you fall into the latter category, then becoming motivated can be tricky for you.

Intrinsic motivation or motivation coming from within – inspiration – is something that is very personal for every person and yet it is more powerful than any external reason for doing something.

Motivation from within is when you find yourself doing something without struggle. You simply do it and it is fun, light and easy for you to do. There is also a sense of achievement that is felt after the action is taken.

It is the feeling of having a good habit without the effort of creating that habit to begin with.

So how do you create intrinsic motivation?

  1. Ask a question
  2. Align with the highest expression
  3. Embody the energy of the answer
  4. Go with the flow

Let’s start with 1. Ask a question.

An example of this is wanting to get fit, but you’re not the exercising type. You don’t have the energy to exercise and you don’t like how it makes you feel when you do exercise… no motivation there!

So, asking questions like “What adventures could I have in life where the side effect is getting fit?” or “How would my body like to look and feel?” and any other questions you can think of and then throwing them out to the Universe (in other words, not answering them with your cognitive mind) will allow an inkling or a feeling of the energy of those adventures or feelings to come to you.

Number 2. Very important! Aligning with the highest expression of what your intention allows the energy to flow more easily and for the answer to be something that you REALLY WOULD LIKE in your life. Not something that you think you want, but really don’t.

Number 3. Embodying the energy of the answer is simply that… allowing the energy or feelings you get from asking your question to expand and grow within you. Make it stronger and stronger.

If you don’t get an answer from your question, just trust that there is an energy that you are embodying. Imagining it works just as well and if you simply can’t imagine it, what if you could receive the information in a way that works for you?

Be the energy.

And then 4. Go with the flow means to take action. Sometimes this action can be to integrate the information by having a rest. It could mean that you go and do something that nurtures your body or it could mean that you get a burst of energy to move your body. I find that I tend to do something that is not directly related to the question I’ve asked until the next day. I have a day of integration or delay before I feel the desire to take action.

The key to having intrinsic motivation is not to force yourself to do anything that you think is going to get you to your target, but to trust that there is a time and place for everything and when it’s time then you’ll take action quickly, easily and the results will be better than you expected.

Remember, this is your life. You have choice and your choices are not wrong. They are simply choices.

So what are you going to choose today?


What questions are you going to ask to activate your intrinsic motivation today? Click To Tweet

Need some help with intrinsic motivation, book a consultation with me today.

Loving you… loving life…

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