You Are Very Special


Most of us don’t believe we are special.

We don’t deserve to be loved.

And no matter how much we try to talk ourselves out of not deserving, our past experience has told us over and over again, that we are not important, that we are no one.

We are definitely not loved.

It’s interesting because we can come from the most loving family or the most dysfunctional family and still feel that missing piece. The part of us that makes us feel whole.

This piece is the reason we try to find fulfilment outside of us.

We look for it in relationships, in alcohol, drugs, sex, money, career… and the list goes on.

We are constantly searching for that thing that is going to allow us to breathe and make us feel whole again.

What can we do? Most of the time it seems hopeless so we create our vision boards and our goals so that we will be contributing to society and making our life mean something.

Yet this is simply a distraction from the emptiness we feel inside.

When we have something to do, we feel better. Yet what if we simply be?

How would that feel?

For many of us, being still, being silent, just being is uncomfortable.

Our minds go crazy. Chatter, chatter, chatter! There is so much to do. How can we possibly justify being still for a moment?

Our feelings; the fear, the anger and the grief start to surface.

All the feelings we have suppressed since childhood and all of the suppressed emotions from generations before that are held as cellular memories are there ready for a moment to surface.

Aches and pains in our body will become apparent as we allow our body to communicate with us, giving us vital information about what we need in our life.

What do we do with our thoughts, emotions and body information?

We’ve never been taught what to do with them, we have, however, been taught to suppress them and get on with our life until they show up as mental health disorders or disease.

It's suppression that stops us from feeling special. Click To Tweet

It stops us because we become separate from who we really are. It builds a wall of energy around the beautiful person we were when we arrived and it snubs out our vital force leaving us tired all the time.

How do we feel special again?

How do we feel truly loved so that we don’t have to go looking elsewhere for it?

How do we contribute to life from a space of being whole?

We do it by connecting to who we really are. That small one who came into this world and was told they were wrong, mistreated or abused.

We parent ourselves.

We love ourselves and we treat our small one with love and respect.

We listen to what our small one has to say and we allow it to say whatever it needs to.

We let him or her know that they are safe, they are loved and that are whole and then we allow this beautiful small one integrate into us.

As we do this process on a regular basis we will find that we will become whole again. The bits of us that have been left behind, broken and damaged over the years will align with our highest expression and we will start to feel special again.

Not only will we feel special but the world around us will step up and show us that this is true.

This process is fairly simple, but definitely not easy.

If you take the step to nurture your small one, you will find there will be tears, anger, pain and more that will show up and it may take days, weeks or even months for each aspect of you to be resolved. But then again, it may take moments as each small one has individual experiences.

Every time I do this process I love myself more and more and it gets easier and easier to connect with that part of me that has been left behind.

My wish for you is to know that you are special beyond words, special beyond thought and special beyond feelings and I am here to support you as you discover this for yourself.

Loving you… Loving life…

Catching Up In Life

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost time?

I have over the past 2 weeks and now I feel so far behind in everything I had planned.

Long story short I gave myself a concussion and have been in bed for the past 2 weeks with a huge headache AND my darling husband banned all devices from the room.

Talk about trauma!

And I don’t mean the headache 😉

These are the things I was going to do during the last 2 weeks…

  • I had just started running instead of walking the dogs every day and I was going to continue.
  • I was in a 30 days of content challenge with Learn to Blog and I was really enjoying it.
  • I was going to design our kitchen for our new house.
  • I was creating a new free program for all of you to enjoy.

So instead of trying to catch up and stress myself out, I’m living from now.

If I thought about all the things that I was supposed to do in my business from the last 2 weeks I would probably have an anxiety attack and that’s not the most productive way to spend time.

I’m choosing flow.

I’m asking questions about what to do first.

I have put a list of intentions in place and I am asking for help (from sources unknown).

When the unexpected happens in your life and messes with your plans there are a couple of things you can do

  1. Start from where you are
  2. Start from where you are and if you have time do a little catch up
  3. Start from where you left off and allow it to be in the here and now, not from the past
  4. Start from where you left off and get stressed because you will be working from the past and not from the now.

At this point I’ll probably be doing a little bit of 2 and some of 3 depending on the tasks.

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You are here.

You are in the present time.

You are working to the best of your ability.

It wasn’t your fault that you got hit on the head/you messed up your diet/you didn’t go to the gym cos you were lazy/your life got turned upside down or any other situation that may have occurred.

However, it is your responsibility with how you get back on track at this point in time.

This process works really well when you fall off the bandwagon for any target you are trying to achieve.

The trick is to remember not to beat yourself up about the time you have lost.

What you should have done.

What you could have done.

What you didn’t do.

Start now. Start in the present.

And as my headache is coming back I’m going to use some amazing Renu28 and hop off this computer for a little while.

If you need some help with staying present, book your appointment with me today and let’s stay in the now!

Loving you… Loving life…

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What I Learned From A Concussion

Sometimes you have to be hit on the head to pay attention!

Have you ever been giving hints of something and not paid attention?

You would think I would know better considering the line of work I’m in, but when you want to get things done and to do so you need to power through, it is possible to overlook and ignore the warning signs.

A gorgeous lady I know (Maria Davis) has just done this and is now helping others from her experience.

She powered through and trained for and ran in the New York Marathon and has since been diagnosed with all sorts of ailments which are now forcing her to listen to her body.

We have all done something like this.

What if we could complete that process now? 😉

So, I was pushing through with my plans of moving house, developing a better relationship with my parents and creating more fantastic products for you guys and not listening to my body.

I knew my body was out of alignment.

I could feel it.

I knew I needed an alignment and Bowen Therapy kept popping into my mind.

I did nothing about it.

I knew I was going to trip over the computer power cord.

I didn’t move it.

I was ignoring all the signs.

So on the Thursday I slipped on the power cord and had bruise all down the right side of my body.

I still didn’t get aligned.

On the Sunday I hit my head on the frame of the fridge as I was getting up from the vegetable crisper.

I still didn’t get aligned.

On Wednesday I started to get a headache, my system was in shock and I got aligned.

And then I was in bed for 2 weeks!

Generally I don’t mind relaxing in bed as I have all my devices with me and can easily work, connect on Facebook and watch tv, if I so choose.

But when you have a brain injury, can’t string 2 words together and focusing your eyes hurt there is not much to do except be.


Not something I had been doing lately.

I was being in my work for the Divine Love Club, but not being for the sake of being.

I had been being for others, not for me.

And there had been a lot of doing!

In our world where doing is the most important thing to achieve what you think you want, being sometimes gets lost.

This also happens in relationships as your energy merges with another and you slowly but surely begin to lose that connection with yourself.

It doesn’t have to be that way and you can create a relationship beyond your dreams when you connect with you.

It takes 5 or 10 minutes a day to connect with the being that is you.

To breathe and be grateful for the beauty within and without and to create a day where you will be aware of what you are being shown by the Universe.

We are always lead in the direction that will bring us into love.

Whether you judge the direction as bad or good, that’s up to you.

The direction is simply a direction and how you choose to navigate it will allow you to stay on the same path or change directions.

If I had listened to myself when I first knew my body needed an alignment or even before that and simply had regular alignments, I may have been able to take the time to be during my day.

And I now ask the Universe/my other than conscious mind to complete that cycle so that I can now choose a different path.

My wish for you is for you to take a deep breath right now, connect with your heart space and to allow yourself the time to be in this moment.

Look around you.

What do you see?

What are you grateful for?

And what do you need to align yourself with your body and with Oneness?

What if you could disentangle from all that is going on with you, your body and your life right now?

And re-align with Oneness?

Could you?

Would you?


And as you go about your day and live your life, remember to listen the whisper quiet awareness that has your back, be in the moment and take action when required.

And so will I!

On a side note, this could also have been an Upper Limit Problem or a mixture of both. It really doesn’t matter as my inner being has my back and I am now creating from the space of now.

Are you ready to create from now? If so, book your consultation with me today and you’ll be able to do it without being hit on the head!

Loving you… Loving life…

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My Button Pushing Family

Healing family relationships can be tricky for many of us.

As you may or may not know, Scott and I are staying with my gorgeous mum and wonderful step dad while we are waiting for our new home to settle.

It’s really nice reconnecting with them as many of my friend parents have been transitioning over the last few years and I really feel the need to develop a better relationship with them both.

The tricky thing is… although our relationship is “fine” we have had our ups and downs and I would like to dissolve the many, many triggers we have together so that we don’t have to do this again in the next lifetime!

I love my mum… really I do, but she drives me insane! And I’m very sure that I do the same to her.

Although, really, I can’t see how as I am perfect in every way 😉

So the tool that I’ve been using… (although I have been using the full arsenal so that we can have a better relationship) is one that releases blame from either side.

Relationships like these are not about blame. Click To Tweet

They are about bringing us more into love and the more we realise this the easier it is to do this process.

So if you have a relationship with anyone, it could be your parents, your siblings, your co-workers or your partner, you can do this process.

Firstly is the realisation that every person who triggers you is there in service of you.

They are a  reflection of what needs to be healed within you.

If you didn’t have the trigger or frequency that matched them you wouldn’t have an issue with them.

So, remember, they are there for you to love more of you.

Secondly, the process…

Focus on the image below.

You can substitute “Mum” for any other person.

Say to yourself:

  • I am like Mum
  • I am not like Mum
  • Maybe I’m like Mum
  • Maybe I’m not like Mum

Keep saying this and move your eyes from one statement to the next until you are able to feel a sense of peace with what you are saying.

What this process does is to allow the relationship to be neutral, which then allows you to be open to love. It doesn’t mean that you condone their behaviour or have to stay in a relationship with them.

It simply allows you to be free from the angst the other person may bring to your life.

If you’re still having difficulties after 5 minutes scan your body and imagine the image above in the area of your body where you can feel the resistance to letting go.

If you really can’t let go, re-read the top section about why this person is in your life and maybe, just maybe you could thank them for being in your life… not from the level of the personality, but from your soul’s perspective.

And then have another go.

When people trigger you so much that you simply can not stand having them in your life, it is ok for you to take some time away from them.

You don’t need to tell them or have them anywhere near you to do the work that needs to be done for you to have ease in your life.

Let me know if you have anyone in your life who triggers you and remember, how you feel about them doesn’t hurt them, it hurts you.

If you need some extra help healing your relationship with your parents, book a consultation with me now.

Loving you… Loving life…

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How To Easily Dissolve Pain

Pain is one of the ways your body communicates with you.

Whether it’s pain in your back, your knees, your stomach… anywhere.

And what I’ve found is that pain is a form of trapped emotion that is longing to be resolved.

When I first started to learn about cellular memories, I found that when the body was talking to you, the pain would jump around to different locations in the body.

Kind of like it is mopping up all the residual memories as it is cleared.

Pain through accidents are always fun for me to work with as many people don’t realise that there is an emotional cause for the accident to occur in the first place.

If you’ve broken your ankle or hurt your shoulder through an accident – something that has happened purely out of the blue, if you look a little deeper into the pain, you’ll find a memory attached to it that requires healing or forgiveness.

As soon as this occurs, the pain will diminish or disappear completely.

I’ve used this process on hundreds of times and it works 90% of the time.

The other 10% that the process doesn’t work on are people who are attached to the pain in their body.

What I mean by this, is that they have created a story around their pain that benefits their life at the moment.

When they are ready to give up their story and look at a different possibility for their life, the process will work.

This happened to me and occasionally still does when I have period cramps.

Over the years every month I would need a day or two in bed as the pain would be so strong I could hardly walk. And nothing seemed to help.

I felt that I had tried everything over the years… medications, herbs, vitamins, homeopathics, you name it.

It wasn’t until I looked a little deeper and realised what those couple of days in bed was actually giving me… Time for me.

The months that I would have the most pain were the months that I was busy taking on board other people’s stuff. Their energy, their problems and not nurturing myself in any way.

The months that I had very little to no pain and the treatments that I was using was working were the months that I would be gentle on myself and not put others before my own self care.

So for me, giving up my pain and those couple of days in bed was something I was not willing to do until I was ready to look at a different possibility with my life.

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If so, that’s great!

If not, that’s also great!

Either way, the choice is yours and you will do what works for you until it doesn’t anymore.

The process is easy although sometimes it is easier if someone else facilitates it for you or if you’re alone record it so I can be facilitated for you.

Make sure you have a few minutes where you will not be interrupted.

  • Take a deep breath and make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Scan your body looking for pain.
  • When you find the pain – dive into the middle of it.
  • Take a look around the area.
  • If it was a body of water what size would it be?
  • What colour is it?
  • What does it smell like?
  • When you touch it what does it feel like?
  • If it had a taste what would that be?
  • What does it sound like?
  • Go up to the most intense part… what emotion does it have?
  • When you feel this emotion, does a memory or a person come to mind?
  • Now imagine the person, emotion or memory saying “I love you” to you.
  • You say it back to the person, emotion or memory – Do it in unison.
  • Keep saying “I love you” until a shift happens and the pain eases.
  • Now look around at the area.
  • If it was a body of water what size would it be?
  • What colour is it?
  • What does it smell like?
  • When you touch it what does it feel like?
  • If it had a taste what would that be?
  • What does it sound like?

Doing this process on a regular basis will allow the pain in your body to ease.

You may or may not find out the reason behind the pain and that’s ok. The idea is to heal the cellular memory and that is what this process is about.

While I have been writing this I was double checking the process on a joint on my left hand middle finger that has started hurting me over the past few months.

I remember that I dislocated it playing netball when I was 11 years old.

When I jumped in there all I could hear was screaming agony so I started the process and the pain has gone from a 6 to barely a 1.

Pretty cool, huh?

For any future niggles, I’ll simply jump into the area and imagine it filling up with flowers which works really well too.

Have a go with any pain your body is sending you and if you need any extra help to relieve pain, book a consultation today.

Loving you… Loving life…

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Because Life Is A Work In Progress

I noticed on Facebook the other day…

That a friend who I haven’t seen in years posted that she needed some understanding because life is a work in progress.

Now, from that, I would surmise that she’s going through some difficulties at the moment and required some TLC from her friends, but really aren’t we all a work in progress?

Yes, sometimes it feels that you’re pretty much “there” and other times it feels like an insurmountable climb to where ever “there” is.

So I started thinking of all the times in my life and in my clients’ life that we judge ourselves on where we are supposed to be in our lives.

At age 20 we’re supposed to be …

At age 30 we’ve grown and now we’re supposed to be…

At age 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and so on, we’re supposed to be somewhere where most of us aren’t!

Who says we’re supposed to be at all of these places at these ages anyway?

Our parents, peers, community, society?

Would we like to return all of these “supposed tos” to where they came from so that we can be who we are and acknowledge that we cannot be anywhere we are not?

We cannot be standing even if we’re supposed to be sitting, simply because we’re standing! Click To Tweet

And one of the easiest ways to stay where you are in life is to resist where you are because you think you should be somewhere else.

Are you willing to let go of the resistance of where you are?

Are you willing to be fully present with where you are?

Are you willing to breathe into the moment of where you are right now?

And just let all the “supposed tos” fall away…

So if you’re going through some stuff at the moment and feel that you need a little bit of tender loving care, know that…

  1. It is a perfectly normal part of life to go through stuff
  2. You are not alone – you can always reach out for help
  3. The more you resist your stuff, the longer it will hang around
  4. Enjoy the process because this is the stuff that life is made of!

If you would like to book a consultation, click here and we’ll connect.

Loving you… Loving life…

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Is Sex Important In Intimate Relationships

I have been asked many times from clients…

Is sex important in intimate relationships?

And in a nutshell my answer is yes and no.

I know… I know… but really there is never a clear cut answer when it comes to relationships and especially when it comes to sex.

So let me explain…

If a couple are sexually compatible the answer is no (most of the time). And by compatible I mean either they both want it the same amount or they both don’t want it the same amount. The amount of times they make love with each other is a non-issue if they both are satisfied.

However, if the lack of sexual intimacy is due to an imbalance of hormones, repressed sexual issues or issues in the relationship in general then the lack of love making and connection may need to be something you might like to look into.

When clients ask me about sex and their relationship it’s generally when one or both of them are dissatisfied in some way.

It could be due to lack of sex – one of the couple is disinterested or too much sex and one of the couple wants it all the time. Or they simple don’t fit as a couple.

When you’re dealing with bodies, sometimes what they feel doesn’t match with what you would like them to feel and that’s where the real disconnect can occur.

If you’re the one that is dissatisfied with your sexual relationships then it’s up to you to take a look at where that dissatisfaction comes from. Why have you chosen this particular person to be in relationship with and what is it that they are bringing up for you to let go of?

Here’s what I say to the ones that don’t want to have sex very often…

  1. Go and get your hormones checked out
  2. What is that feeling that stops you from enjoying spending time with your partner’s body? When was the earliest time you felt it and who does it remind you of?
  3. Are you willing to look at the aspects of what is stopping you from enjoying sex with your partner to create a different dynamic in your relationship around sexual experiences?

And for the partner who would like to make love more often with their partner…

  1. Make sure your hormones are balanced
  2. What does sex mean to you?
  3. How would you gift to body sexually if you didn’t have a partner?

To both of the people I would then say…

  1. Are you willing to love that part of you that is reflected in your partner?
  2. Are you willing to look at any blockages to giving and receiving?
  3. After having done all of the work, what would your ideal sexual relationship be? And are you willing to be that for you without relying on another to give you those feelings?

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When your body can open yourself up to giving and receiving both sexually and in other ways in your life, then you aren’t reliant on others to give it to you through sex and once you let go of the neediness your sexual relationship with your self and others start to shift in a way that you could never imagine.

So, if you’re in a situation where there is imbalance in your love life, book a consultation with me and we can muscle test you to help you balance your hormones and bring sexual energy into balance.

Loving you… Loving life…

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4 Steps To Increase Your Self Motivation

Did you know that there are 3 tips to increase your self motivation that can have a dramatic impact on achieving your targets?

Well there is and I use them all the time.

There are some people who are naturally motivated. They simply do what needs to be done to get where they want to go and then there are others (me included) who fight and struggle to get the motivation to do what is required to get to their target.

Some of us love external rewards and others (that would be me again) who are not motivated by external desires and if you fall into the latter category, then becoming motivated can be tricky for you.

Intrinsic motivation or motivation coming from within – inspiration – is something that is very personal for every person and yet it is more powerful than any external reason for doing something.

Motivation from within is when you find yourself doing something without struggle. You simply do it and it is fun, light and easy for you to do. There is also a sense of achievement that is felt after the action is taken.

It is the feeling of having a good habit without the effort of creating that habit to begin with.

So how do you create intrinsic motivation?

  1. Ask a question
  2. Align with the highest expression
  3. Embody the energy of the answer
  4. Go with the flow

Let’s start with 1. Ask a question.

An example of this is wanting to get fit, but you’re not the exercising type. You don’t have the energy to exercise and you don’t like how it makes you feel when you do exercise… no motivation there!

So, asking questions like “What adventures could I have in life where the side effect is getting fit?” or “How would my body like to look and feel?” and any other questions you can think of and then throwing them out to the Universe (in other words, not answering them with your cognitive mind) will allow an inkling or a feeling of the energy of those adventures or feelings to come to you.

Number 2. Very important! Aligning with the highest expression of what your intention allows the energy to flow more easily and for the answer to be something that you REALLY WOULD LIKE in your life. Not something that you think you want, but really don’t.

Number 3. Embodying the energy of the answer is simply that… allowing the energy or feelings you get from asking your question to expand and grow within you. Make it stronger and stronger.

If you don’t get an answer from your question, just trust that there is an energy that you are embodying. Imagining it works just as well and if you simply can’t imagine it, what if you could receive the information in a way that works for you?

Be the energy.

And then 4. Go with the flow means to take action. Sometimes this action can be to integrate the information by having a rest. It could mean that you go and do something that nurtures your body or it could mean that you get a burst of energy to move your body. I find that I tend to do something that is not directly related to the question I’ve asked until the next day. I have a day of integration or delay before I feel the desire to take action.

The key to having intrinsic motivation is not to force yourself to do anything that you think is going to get you to your target, but to trust that there is a time and place for everything and when it’s time then you’ll take action quickly, easily and the results will be better than you expected.

Remember, this is your life. You have choice and your choices are not wrong. They are simply choices.

So what are you going to choose today?


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Need some help with intrinsic motivation, book a consultation with me today.

Loving you… loving life…

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The Inception Of The Divine Love Club

So what really goes on in these mysterious Divine Love Club sessions?

There are a few of you asking about what goes on during the Intuitive Energy Clearing Sessions in the Divine Love Club that I facilitate every Wednesday, so every so often I’ll let you in on what went down.

As today was my first session with the Divine Love Club there were 7 energies that joined and I plonked myself in the process too as I wanted to get the feeling of the energy of the group.

Before I started I went into a meditative state so that I was prepared for the session. It was my favourite meditation at the moment and if you haven’t received it yet, go and get the download now!

I just have to say thank you and how honoured I am that 7 of you decided to join me for the session. You are all such beautiful beings and contributed so much to the session. I am truly grateful.

However, although you showed up, not all of you were willing to receive the benefits of the session. Some may find this strange as you’ve paid your money, your energy is in the process and yet you don’t want the benefits? Go figure!

Yet after years of working with people this is happens a lot and is easily rectified, which of course I did otherwise they wouldn’t be receiving everything that was available to them in the session and we wouldn’t want that!

No one had an individual issue to work on so I worked solely on the group energy.

I then picked a flower from the Living Essences Flower Essence range which kind of gives us the theme of the session, although I’ve learned never to underestimate where sessions like these can lead us and it’s always good to stay open to what may show up.

The Menzies Banksia is all about rebirth and moving on from painful experiences Click To Tweet

A beautiful essence that can release us from pain, both physical and emotional. If you would like to learn more…

Moving on, I found that the Menzies Banksia and the session as a whole was all about relationships. How we feel about them, how we behave when we’re in them or not in them, who we are in relation to others and what we have learned through the generations and from past lives about relationships.

Step by step, was able to release all the blockages with relationships that this group had to the Divine until the energy was completely neutral and there was no energetic charge.

So peaceful, so loving, so kind.

*** Update since the Intuitive Energy Clearing Session – feedback from participants…

My issue with my parent’s has magically healed. It’s like it never happened!

I was worried about how my husband was handling our money and the next day he came to me with a budget that he thought would help us to become debt free!

I have struggled with my body image forever and now, slowly but surely I am feeling love for my body. I don’t know how this works, but I do know that the Divine Love Club works and not only during the session, but from the moment I signed up I could feel the process starting.


I was surprised how easy the session was as I had bought into the premise that if it was going to cost $400 then I was going to have to put some effort into it.

*** UPDATE ***

The price and process has now changed and if you would like to know more, please click here.

Yet that’s not how the process works.

This is easy for me. It’s my genius zone and it’s what I do best and it’s how I contribute to the lives of others, so of course it’s going to flow for me, just as when you’re in your genius zone life flows for you.

So if you’re up for it, jump on into the Divine Love Club and open yourself up to an abundance of possibilities!

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