The Best Question EVA!

Clients ask me what questions to ask…

Questions for all sorts of things like:

Finding your purpose
Better relationships
Connecting with your loved one
Better health
What food to eat and exercise to do
To shift energy and blockages

I answer…

“Ask whatever feels right for you.”

And most of the time there is a sense of dissatisfaction that fills the air.

People’s thinking mind need to know answers.

They need to know that they are doing something right.

They need to know that they are making a difference.

They need to know that what they are doing is working otherwise why the hell are they doing it!

So, this is the reason why people ask me about exact questions to ask for specific situations.

I get it.

And most of the time they get it too.

It’s really quite funny and when we have a laugh, the energy shifts and whatever was the issue is now gone.

Questions are a personal thing and when I’m working with at client or in a group session I will read the energy and ask the specific questions.

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When I first started to explore the world of question asking I would ask,

“What question is required in this situation?”

And that would either lead to more questions bubbling to mind or it would shift the energy without continuing.


“What question is required in this situation?”

If you continue to use this question for issues that arise in your life and stay open, you’ll find that more questions and then answers will come flooding into your awareness.

You’ll become your own walking, talking knowingness!

And then you’ll be able to move from questions that are primarily self centric – which is where most people are in their journey – to questions that are holistic in nature.

My favourite question at this moment in my life is…

“What can I be and do today that will contribute to my life and the lives of others?”

I ask this question every single day and my life just gets better and better!

This doesn’t mean that I’m out volunteering my time and energy every minute, every day.

It means that I’m taking care of myself and by increasing my frequency other people and environments will resonate with that energy.

My sister’s friend told me once just how much a single offhand sentence I said to her in passing had a huge impact on her life.

And I had NO IDEA!

I was simply contributing to myself and to others.

I definitely wasn’t actively trying to find people to fix or change.

I was simply being me.

Having fun at my sister’s house and loving my life.

As I ask this question on a daily basis… sometimes many times a day and I don’t go looking for answers.

I simply trust that my being and actions will contribute to my life and to the lives of others because really, who am I to think that I have all the answers for others in their life’s journey!

This question allows me to live my best life without having the pressure of thinking that I need to follow some amazing life purpose.

It allows me to trust that I am my life’s purpose.

If you’re struggling to find and be on purpose, please book a consultation with me today and we’ll get you on track.

Loving you… Loving life…

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Rosemary Davey

Rosemary Davey lives with her husband Scott and her fur babies in Western Australia. She has a background in Mind Body Medicine and Holistic Counselling and uses tools and techniques in her programs to enhance the relationships in your life.

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