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3 Ways To Build Your Inner Strength

  Do you constantly feel the need to protect yourself? When you’re feeling flat, energetically low, depressed and life isn’t flowing the way you would like it, building your inner strength can change how you feel in an instant. Have a listen as I explain each of the 3 ways to develop your inner strength […]

And Sometimes Life Is Chaos

Most Fridays I go to my parent’s place to work and have a catch-up. It is one of my most productive and chaotic days of the week. For some reason, neither of my parents think I do much of anything, so because I am within calling distance, I am able to assist them with anything they […]

Worst Case Scenario

I’ve always been a little bit worried about how people who aren’t open to what I do would judge me. Have you ever been concerned about other’s opinions of you? Friends, family, acquaintances… This would generally come up if you have some form of rejection as a core issue for you in your morphic field. […]

I Just Want To Fix Them

Watching someone else in pain is hard. You can see that they are struggling and you know that they can be helped, either by you or someone you know, yet they refuse help. You may even think that they simply don’t want to help themselves. And that may be the case, yet not quite the […]

A Gift Of Flowers

Using flowers to heal a relationship is something that many of us do. We also give flowers to say thank you to give support to offer condolences to celebrate to say “I love you” and just because you can. What if you gave flowers energetically to transform the dynamics of a connection you have with another? […]

Moving Through Suicidal Tendancies

I love working with suicide. Well actually, I love working with people before they actually take their lives. Although I have been known to work with those who have transitioned, but that’s a whole other post that I may or may not write about. Suicidal thoughts are interesting to me and of course those who […]

The Best Question EVA!

Questions for all sorts of things like: Clarity, Finding your purpose, Better relationships, Connecting with your loved one, Better health, What food to eat and exercise to do, To shift energy and blockages

Becoming A Mother

What do you need to become a mother? This is something that I’ve been wondering about over the past 6 years and especially over the past few months. You may or may not know this but Scott and I have been wanting to have children since before we got married. I know more about the […]