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Why I Love Macca’s

Really? I’m writing an article about why I love Macca’s? (That’s McDonald’s for everyone who has never been to Australia). Yes it’s true… I am grateful for McDonald’s  The McDonalds golden arches can create a mix of emotions… happiness anger comfort joy rage fury ambivalence and more… So, Scott and I were in the car […]

5 Minute Technique to Stop Seeking Approval

I have been asking for months to have a better relationship with my parents. We had a huge fight and all the forgiveness work in the world wasn’t giving me any inclination to pick up the phone to reconnect with them. I woke up one morning with the realisation that I no longer require approval […]

5 Benefits Of Surrendering To What Is

This year, I am choosing to surrender my life. My health, my business and my spirituality to what is. Why? Because the other stuff simply isn’t working for me. I have found 5 amazing benefits to surrendering to what is since taking that leap of faith… I am more relaxed. Do you know how much […]

5 Warning Signs About Goal Setting

I’ve always struggled with goal setting. The energy just seems a bit off to me and I could never put my finger on it until I realised there are 5 warning signs about goal setting that allowed me to make another choice. Looking outside you Most of us have goals that are around material things […]

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Us

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen? Why we judge that only bad things should happen to certain types of people? Isn’t it interesting how we judge our experiences as positive and negative? I had a friend once that couldn’t go through a conversation without a rollercoaster of “Oh, that’s terrible! How are you […]

I Just Want To Feel Normal Again

  Working with a wide range of people over the years… There has been a common thread that I’ve noticed as they just want to feel normal again. People who come for some sort of counselling or facilitation have a belief that they are broken in some way. It’s understandable. We see it everywhere in […]

Surrendering Your Life To The Divine

I talk about surrendering… Surrendering your life to the divine that you are. When I have plans in my life I tend to try to figure out how to achieve my desired outcome and by doing this I have spent years and years going around in circles, getting burned out and not really achieving anything. […]