5 Warning Signs About Goal Setting

I’ve always struggled with goal setting.

The energy just seems a bit off to me and I could never put my finger on it until I realised there are 5 warning signs about goal setting that allowed me to make another choice.

  1. Looking outside you

Most of us have goals that are around material things and that’s ok, we live in a material world and hey as a Taurean I love a little bit of luxury. However, even if we are looking to be a better person, have a deeper connection with the Divine or even be happier we are telling ourselves that we are not already all that. We’re telling ourselves that we are not enough and that’s simply not true.

  1. Creating goals from your cognitive mind

The idea of having goals is to remind you and keep you on track to what you think you want in life.  Have you ever achieved a goal and then realised it wasn’t so great? I have. Your soul has a much larger plan for you than any of these goals your cognitive mind can come up with, so why not leave it up to the expert.

  1. Goals keep you focused

Since letting go of goals, I have been more focused than I have ever been in my life. I am at ease with who I am being because I’m not focusing on the “shoulds” and am focusing on what is. Life is a journey, enjoy every moment of now and your life, your soul will take you to the next moment of now and if you’re lucky it will turn out better than you could have ever imagined and definitely not something that you think you should have.

  1. I need them to keep me accountable

I don’t need someone holding me accountable. I don’t need a set of goals or outlines to tell me how my life or business should be structured. Especially if those goals are defined by me. Who am I to tell my life or business how it should be? Really! When did my cognitive mind become all knowing? As soon as you surrender your life or whatever situation you would like you will never need an accountability buddy again.

  1. If I don’t write my goals down, I’ll never achieve anything

Yes and no.

Just because I’ve surrendered my life doesn’t mean I’ve given up. Click To Tweet

I still write things down that I would like but then I hand them over to the universe to deal with. I don’t go back and look at them. If they come up in my mind, I remind myself that it is being taken care of and then I ask myself what I can do right now that is in alignment with what I am. However, I have found that if I don’t write what I would like down on a piece of paper and it is just a fleeting thought that I know the universe will take care of, it actually comes to me faster and easier and I don’t even concern myself with the how.

One thing I would like to mention is that even though I don’t buy into the whole goal setting/law of attraction process, I do put energy into my life, my health, my business. I simply trust that the details are taking care of themselves and that I don’t need to follow anyone’s rules for it to unfold.

Since letting go of goal setting, which really was a leap of faith, I have been more productive in my life than I can remember… Go figure!

If you would like to be assisted with aligning your preferences to their highest expression, book in a consultation today and we’ll work it out together.

Loving you… Loving life…

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